How to run a first meeting

Note: This is the second in a series of posts* documenting the efforts of a previously unorganized group of Manchester, New Hampshire, bicyclists to advocate for improvements to the city’s bicycle infrastructure. 


If you’ve never asked a group of bicyclists about the challenges they face riding in a city, be prepared for an onslaught on responses:

  • There’s too much traffic!
  • The cars drive too fast!
  • There aren’t any bike racks!

As a Manchester bicyclist myself, I share many of these frustrations. But heretofore, I’ve only really ever thought them to myself. But last Friday night at a bar called Milly’s, I discovered like-minded souls who also are also annoyed with bicyclists who don’t obey the law, and drivers who think bicyclists should be relegated to sidewalks (something illegal here in Manchester).

As was discussed last week, this past Friday I helped to organize a meeting of local bicycle enthusiasts here in Manchester, New Hampshire, a dozen of whom showed up in response to Facebook post lamenting a lack of bicycle infrastructure here in the city.